Kitchen Islands With Stove

Kitchen Islands With Stove

This modern kitchen is highlighted with bold red wood cabinetry throughout, contrasting with beige tile flooring and granite countertops. A smaller circular island boasts a sink, while the larger C-shaped island features a built-in range and upper tier for dining.  Many kitchen islands with a stove don’t offer much additional counter space; however, the above example has plenty of additional counterspace.
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Kitchen Islands With Stove

In a sprawling rustic-styled home, we find this large kitchen awash in rich natural wood tones. A pair of immense islands feature matching white marble countertops, with one housing a large stainless steel stove and the other featuring abundant dining space.
kitchen islands with stove 2

Kitchen Islands With Stove

They pulled out all the stops for this gracious French-country kitchen. The modern accoutrements are the embedded stove and appliances, but the rest is Old World, ranging from the fanciful woodwork to the glass cabinet windows that match the panes of the kitchen windows. A perfect work triangle is created and cooking utensils are all within arm’s reach. The giant window over the sink pours an abundance of natural light over the shoulder of the chef toiling away at the island’s stovetop. Photo Credit: Brookstone Cabinets
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Kitchen Islands With Stove

These islands often features expansive countertops, with abundance space available for in-kitchen dining, courtesy of a set of conveniently placed bar stools. As the sizes grew, the feature sets expanded.
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Kitchen Islands With Stove

Incorporating sinks or stovetops into the surface of the island is one way to spread the workflow throughout the kitchen. Installation can be tricky, so pay attention to details like ventilation and plumbing. This will require running downward (most common in islands) or overhead venting (which can be expensive), and allocating extra space to in-cabinet pipes.
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Kitchen Islands With Stove

In an open-plan home with a kitchen at center, the island defines this space. With stainless steel countertops in contrast with white cabinetry and natural wood wall details, the island houses discreet gas stove top, with dials built right into the siding.
kitchen islands with stove 6

Kitchen Islands With Stove

This highly textural kitchen features dark tile flooring, stainless steel cabinetry, and a large island at center with an abundance of features, including a raised tier for dining at right. The island also features a full sized built-in sink and stainless steel stove.
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Kitchen Islands With Stove

Beneath a high, slanted ceiling, this open plan kitchen is lit via full height windows at right. Rich natural wood appears on the cabinetry, ceiling, and island, which also houses a built-in stove.
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In a sprawling open-plan space that includes living and dining areas, this kitchen is defined by a lengthy white-topped island. The island houses not only an upper tier for dining, but also a built-in gas stove.
kitchen islands with stove 9

In this cozy high contrast kitchen, we see light grey cabinetry over hardwood flooring, centering on an island with marble countertops and an unorthodox sink int he foreground. The island also features a built-in gas stove.
kitchen islands with stove 10

In an expansive, minimalist open-plan home, the kitchen is defined by its large island and sleek white cabinetry. The island features abundant storage, plus space for dining and a built-in stove.
kitchen islands with stove 11

This lengthy traditionally styled kitchen is centered on a massive island, featuring built-in cooler and wine rack and light granite countertop. The built-in stove is stainless steel, matching appliances throughout the room and contrasting with rich natural wood cabinetry.
kitchen islands with stove 12

This lengthy kitchen is flush with warm natural wood tones, from the flooring on up. The immense U-shaped island at right features a cavity for the placement of a full size stove and range, right below the large stainless steel hood vent.
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While we have covered a multicolored galaxy of kitchens here before, we enjoy taking the time to narrow in on particular strains once in a while. Today, our focus is solely on kitchens that are equipped with islands featuring a built-in range.
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The islands themselves appear in a wide array of styles and sizes, clad in anything from rustic wood to ultra-modern sleek stainless steel. Countertops can be found in rich wood, steel, quartz, granite, and of course marble.
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I like how the seating is attached to the counter and how the appliances are built in. I would not put the stove top here, though, because when cooking, food would splatter and could spill onto the bench seating.
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BraywillsThis blog is simply showing awesome ideas for island kitchen. I really love the idea of center kitchen included with a dining table which increase the kitchen’s functionality and efficiency. All examples are showing proper use of space with an attractive deck designing.interiordesignologyYour Complete Collection is Just so cool and perfect. I am also impressed by the suggestions you gave.. But your collection almost has spacious and incorporating the island in spacious kitchens is easy.. but it would be good if you have included some island ideas for medium size or small size kitchen.Paul LangleyThese are some really amazing island designs! I really like that especially thick marble one, that just seems so sturdy and solid. I’d love to have any of these in my home, they’re all so well designed and beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing!
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And whether the small kitchen island is portable (such as a rolling cart or stationary island with casters) or permanent (built-in), it’s important that the kitchen island function efficiently in your space. If the island is in the center of the kitchen, for instance, it must not interrupt the flow of the work triangle.
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The shape of an island kitchen can determine a room’s traffic flow. In this case, an organic oval slab resting on a traditional wood cabinet gently and gracefully guides the kitchen traffic in a circular motion. The island, nevertheless, is the imposing hub of this kitchen. Combining modern sensibilities with older style cabinetry, it is a large, clean surface suitable for a quick bite or a complicated dinner preparation. Photo Credit: Whirlpool
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For wine aficionados, a kitchen island is a convenient spot to store bottles and spare yourself the hassle of finding room in the refrigerator. Wine refrigerators come in a variety of sizes and finishes and can be hidden behind cabinetry, though this one is an architecturally interesting addition to the kitchen. Photo Credit: Northland-Marvel
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And according to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders more than 70% of buyers want an island in their kitchen, and of those, 50% consider it a must-have. Since it’s apparent that adding an island is a sound investment, we’ve gathered 60 of our favorite kitchen island ideas to use for inspiration.
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This sleekly modern kitchen appears brightly lit via wraparound glazing, with light hued tile flooring, walls, and countertops. The lengthy minimalist island features a full secondary sink as well as a large stainless steel gas top range.
kitchen islands with stove 22

In another minimalist and modern kitchen, we see a rich array of textures, including sleek white cabinetry and countertops, charcoal tile flooring, and rich wood detail on the far wall. The white island features a sleek black cooktop beneath a stainless steel hood vent.
kitchen islands with stove 23

This brightly lit, open, yet slim kitchen features pristine white cabinetry and rich wood walls. The massive island features thick slab marble countertop and a built-in smooth surface range.
kitchen islands with stove 24

In an incredibly sleek and reflective modern kitchen, the white-topped smaller island design stands at center, commanding attention with a surplus of cabinetry and stainless steel body. The built-in range sits below a uniquely modern hood vent with built-in lighting.
kitchen islands with stove 25

Here’s an especially bright kitchen, awash in varied textures, from light hardwood flooring to smoked glass cabinetry. The large minimalist island features a grey countertop with flat surface range, with a unique range hood wrapped in orange stripes overhead.
kitchen islands with stove 26

This sleek, high contrast modern kitchen features glossy black cabinetry juxtaposed against light natural wood countertops and flooring. The large island boasts a glass-flat range, matching the black hue of the cupboards.
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In some ways, designing a small kitchen island is easier than designing a larger one. Not only does it eliminate certain design considerations, but it also forces you to maximize the efficiency of all of your available space.
kitchen islands with stove 28

Sleek, ultramodern and seemingly floating on its metal cylindrical legs, this island is a work of art for the contemporary industrial design set. It looks like it was conjured up in an iPod designer’s lab for a chic, 21st-century kitchen — functional elegance. Not only does it beckon you to touch its clean, smooth surface, but it handily incorporates appliances, a bar sink and storage drawers. Photo Credit: Fisher & Paykel
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This eclectic and creative conversation piece is the work of Seattle architecture firm Graham Baba. The island, assembled from found objects and topped with a slab of wood, was designed as an accoutrement for a rustic-modern kitchen, providing flashes of color and a Mondrian-like arrangement that never fails to elicit comments. Photo Credit: Ben Benschneider/Graham Baba Architects
kitchen islands with stove 30

These days cooking is a spectator sport, and this island provides a perfect stage. Long, elegant and designed with bar seating and a built-in cooktop, the island is an inviting centerpiece for guests to gather around. A blazing hearth backdrop only adds to the congeniality of the setting. It takes a big kitchen with an abundance of natural light to pull off such a big island. But the weightiness of this gracious piece of furniture is offset by the light-colored cabinetry above and clever peripheral lighting. Photo Credit: George Lambros

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